our team

  • Denton
      Denton Co-Founder & Sales Manager

      Denton loves talking land.  When not discussing property, he can be found spending time with his wife and children or on the golf course.  If you’re in the Tampa area, give him a call and he’ll buy you a beer!

    • Gavin
      Gavin Co-Founder & Aquisitions Manager

      Gavin is the older and wiser brother with years of experience in all things land. His expertise is making the buying process seamless and a great experience for everyone.

    • Garth
      Garth Co-Founder and Operations Manager

      Garth is the younger brother that is constantly inspired by all things land. He strives to make sure Birchwood Land Company clients are completely taken care of. We are dedicated to making the buying process stress-free.

    what we do

    A family business that is simple. We buy land and then sell it. We are not brokers taking a percentage of the sale. We do not do auctions. We simply buy land from folks that need to sell quickly, and then sell it at a discount to you.

    Vacant land is an addiction. Ours started awhile back when looking for a piece of land to use for hunting, camping, and generally being proud to own. It seemed every piece of earth for sale was priced at a premium and being sold by folks that had a true passion for their property. The problem was, that passion translated to a premium price.

    If you are anything like us, you are looking for that perfect piece of land to own and use and hold on to for awhile. When taking that step, it is crucial to buy right. Whether you’re planning to own for a lifetime or flip the parcel through a realtor, give us a call and buy right.

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